The Catholic Church remains the largest community undoubtedly in the United States   but data shows that it has lost 5 percent of people in last 10 years. Baptist also lost its people and it is really very shocking news for researchers too that the people in the United States becoming member of non denominational churches congregations rapidly.

This figure is coming from top five religious groups in every state within United States. One coordinator said that “I simply had not seen before how large the nondenominational movement is in this country,” said Dale Jones, one of the research executive for the Church of the Nazarene. Researchers and sociologist seeing very closely that how they become so popular within short period of time. Nondenominational believers increased 50 percent in last 10 years.

Our primary reason for coming to church should not be for doctrinal instruction, but a chance to join and worship God in communal celebration and feel the joy and happiness of life. If you want to join any Nondenominational Church just visit at our website or call us @ 1-855-633-9643 for any query, we will be happy to assist you.

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