The Community Church movement is an ecumenical movement that seeks to unite Christian denominations and break down Christians through community. The origin of the movement began in America out of a need rather out of ideological motivation. Community Churches have existed in the United States since the early nineteenth century, with the ecumenical movement in full swing; community churches were ready to cut formal ties with denominations and to demonstrate Christian unity through diversity.

The Non–Denominational movement is an ecumenical movement that looks to unite Christian denominations and dissolve Christian division through community. The roots of the movement are not easily traced to one person or event. Thus, these churches do not adhere to any higher authority than its local elders do, and they look only to scriptures and the Holy Spirit for truth. They will therefore have a focus on into protestant world.

Non- Denominational Christian institutions are those not formally aligned with an established religious denomination, but are historically protestant or that remain otherwise officially autonomous. 1800churches.com helps people with their most frequent question which is how do I find a church, as it has listings of community and non denominational churches which are both ecumenical movements.